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Ohio State Men's Basketball Director of Development joins the show in an interview with host Justin Coffin and Mount Union Basketball Coach (one of Terence's High School Coaches) Dave Spires talking about his time as a Boardman Spartan and how he went on to become the B1G player of the year, play pro basketball overseas and what he's up to now for the buckeyes.

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Bringing out the best version of yourself. Doing networking in a healthy way. Joe and Doug break down networking, the right and wrong way to do it and the tricks to building your circle. 

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Justine and Joe talk how to be in tune with your gut feelings, judging
when it's best to act, knowing how to interpret your own internal compass.

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Mo's show takes leaps and bounds from rhetoric about being exhausted by the
current political climate, to discussing the rumors surrounding our democratic 
candidates, all the way to the shortcomings of capitalism.

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January 29, 2021

Fast Freddie- 01/28/21

Freddie talks fishing with pro bass fishermen Destin DeMarion,
Tyler Woak, and Rick Henniger from Fish and Field Report.

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Justin talks the end of this year's NFL playoff season, remembers Kobe
Bryant on the one year anniversary of his passing, and gets ready for
his epic sports movie bracket.

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Justine talks about not letting yourself get in the way of yourself. She 
also discusses unfriending friends and finding the right social groups for

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Bringing out the best version of yourself. Joe breaks down the "funk". Realizing that everything has a cost and building that into the admission before you take on the responsibility.

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Mo breaks into a new format, narrating and taking calls for the entirety of
the show. Same blue-blooded rhetoric, new style. Topics include the impeachment
of Donald Trump and what America needs to do next.

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January 27, 2021

Pass the Glass - 01/26/21

Justine, Brandy and Nick talk cats ( the animal) and other pets for the first segment of the show. Then dig into some random questions provided by Justine. 

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